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School and College Events

I am available to provide Educational and informative information at your school and college events.  I am available to attend your assemblies, career day and other special events (Take back the night etc., college diabetes network events).  I am able to craft a message to meet the needs of your organization and theme.  Please contact me for a quote.

When you invite Chikeitha to speak:

  • Your students get inspired to love themselves as they are.

  • Your students get empowered to overcome peer pressure.

  • Your students get hope to never give up on life or themselves.

  • Your students get to be encouraged by hearing my story.

  • Your students get educated on knowing and understanding that they have a purpose.

  • Your students get to hear a message that encourages them to seek and ask for help if they are in pain or being abused "Safety First in your Pain"

Ready to have Chikeitha speak to your students?

If you have questions simply email

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