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The Abundance Experience

Coaching Program

The Abundance Experience was birthed from an idea of being able to learn to balance and focus on areas in our lives but doing it from a spiritual perspective.  Sometimes it is so difficult to master one area due to being broken down in others.  Utilizing life experiences and my counseling expertise, the Abundance Experience will take you on a journey to help you learn to balance those areas in your life.  You will have an opportunity to create a Spiritual Assessment and create your own Spiritual itinerary while having a mentor and coach on board your flight.  Sign up for a complimentary, 30-minute consultation to learn how The Abundance Experience Coaching Program can guide you to inner freedom and confidence.


Package Pricing


Having a Spiritual Foundation will solidify many other areas in your life

Tired of just EXISTING and not LIVING

It's Time for Change

Are you feeling like you are not appreciated?

Don't let all your labor be in vain

Church is good entertainment but will do nothing if you do not have a Spiritual relationship with GOD


  Attitude be gone..


Learn to Communicate even when you don't feel like it

Get your kids back on track

Parenting support


 All relationships are not healthy..Assess your Friendships/Relationships

Get your groove back

Couples and Marital Issues

Interpersonal Skills

Health &


Emotional Health

Assessing and making sure you are getting the help you need

Stress Kills "Don't fall in this category"

Stress management


Are you the one everyone hates to see get mad? "Out of Control"

Anger management

Learn to cope in a healthy way

Grief and loss

Physical Health

Worried about your Health? Take preventative methods. Let me help you


 Walking in your purpose will bring you a sense of fulfillment

Personal Growth

Feeling Worthless like you don't matter

Let's build your Self - Esteem and Self- Worth

"Value Yourself"

Career Opportunities

Let's get you unbored and assess your gifts and get you working in your passion and purpose

Business Coaching

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